Health and Safety Measures to follow inside an industrial park

Important Hazards Which Must Be Foreseen During Industrial Park Development Industrial lands are home to a number of processes necessitating a huge variety of raw materials, by-products, end-products, and waste. The common hazards which are associated with industrial areas can be broadly classified into the following four categories. Release of chemicals The release of toxic […]

Industrial Property Development For Establishing Businesses

When one decides to build a business, the first question would obviously be where do I do it? The location is very important as it affects the business growth, financial requirements, customer attention and much more. It is always better to look out for approved plots for sale in Chennai Industrial parks. There are innumerable […]

Establishing a successful Industrial park

Tips For Successful Industrial Park Development Any area that is earmarked solely for the purpose of industrial development is called an Industrial park in today’s times. It differs from other area zones as it often caters to the more heavy duty industries and is usually located on the edge of the city with access to […]

Awesome Business Ideas To Invest In

Starting a new business can be a tedious affair if you are not aware of the current market trends. Once you decide to go ahead after extensive research to support your decision, the next step is considering where to start the business. Location is an important factor to consider depending on which market segment you […]

Benefits Of Opening A Business Near A Port

Ports have been facilitating trade between different regions of the world since several centuries. One of the first trading routes between continents was established via shipping routes. Even today, these ports are busy handling plenty of huge shipments, bulk cargo, etc. This has led to an increase in demand for real estate near to ports. […]